Tree Removal Service

Leave the Tree Removal Services to the Experts

We’ve all seen it – massive, uprooted trees that have ripped up entire sidewalk portions, crashed into homes, and toppled over to decimate parked vehicles. And whether it’s for visual purposes, structural reasons, or another one entirely, professionally removing a tree is serious business. There are multiple safety concerns, as well as other issues like preservation, construction, and even climate control.

worker removing tree from a residential yard

Professional Tree Removal

At Impact Landscapes, LLC, we can provide the responsible and safe removal of any tree around your property. These essential elements of nature can create beauty, shade, and have other benefits for us. However, sometimes an old or dying tree can add more harm than good to a property. And that’s where we come in.

Common Reasons for Tree Removal Services

We can expertly remove your tree in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, or Atlantic County, NJ using state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled team of trained professionals. Let’s examine some of the reasons why you might need our trusted tree removal services for your property.


This is commonly listed as the number one reason for tree removal. If a tree is excessively leaning to one side, or it looks unstable, it’s best to have it checked out to see if removal is the best option. With the weight of snow and the strength of summer storms in our area, if a dangerously-leaning tree hasn’t been properly tended to, there can be severe and dangerous consequences. Don’t risk a catastrophe — call our team today!


Sometimes, you simply don’t like the way a tree looks or how it frames your property. Lopsidedness, rot, or other cosmetic issues may take away from the tree’s beauty and leave you with an ugly eyesore in your front or backyard. If so, it’s time to call out the experts.

The Health of the Tree

No matter how much loving care you give your favorite tree, sometimes health issues can take root and leave the tree unhealthy. The trunk may be showing signs of decay or disease, and its limbs may be brittle and broken. If it’s damaged beyond repair, tree removal may be your best option.

Structural Preservation

Trees close to your home or office can create lovely shade and appeal for your property, but they can also cause trouble if they’re too close. As trees grow and expand, so do their root systems. This can lead to the roots wreaking havoc on your foundation, and limbs scraping against your exterior.

Practical Reasons

You may love that cherry tree that resides near your outdoor patio. However, if it blossoms every year only to drop rotting, decaying, and decomposing flower petals all over your outdoor areas, then you may consider it a nuisance. This makes it an excellent candidate for removal to improve the overall appeal of your property.

The Process

We provide the area’s most dependable, safe, and thorough tree removal services for our customers. When we come to your home or office to remove your tree, the process may include:

  • Clearing the area around the tree
  • Examining the tree for natural lean, disease, and decay
  • Looking for obstacles or other impediments on the tree’s fall path
  • Preparing our specialized and state-of-the-art tree removal equipment
  • Beginning the undercut
  • Completing the back cut
  • Timber!

We can even clean up the mess when the job’s complete, and can perform stump grinding to leave zero trace that there was ever a tree on your property.

We proudly serve the following areas of NJ:

  • Burlington
  • Camden
  • Gloucester
  • Atlantic County

At Impact Landscapes, LLC, we’re dedicated to beautifying your home with professional, safe, and aesthetically-pleasing tree removal. To reserve our tree services, call us today!