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Landscaping Salem County

Let us transform your property from start to finish. Our team of experts will make the whole process effortless for you, whether you need a renovation of an existing landscape or a brand new landscape. Ultimately we will achieve a beautiful, useful environment for you to enjoy for many years to come. Whether we design your new landscape for you, or if you have had it designed by someone else, Impact Landscapers can turn your vision into a reality.

For decades Impact Landscapes has provided exceptional customer service in Salem County NJ.  Our experienced, expert staff will work with you to visualize your new landscape and once complete, will install your new landscaping in a timely manner. We are consistently on time and on budget.

We communicate effectively throughout the process so there are no surprises come completion time. Our professional staff can work with home builders if necessary. Our success and reputation depend on our customer’s satisfaction.

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Patio Designs Salem

Backyard patios are often included in our landscape designs because they provide immediate access to outdoor living areas and serve as an extension to indoor living areas.

In the planning stage, we assess the possibilities and opportunities on the property. During design, we divide the property into sections. Each section is designed to accommodate specific activities, such as dining, cooking, and lounging. An outdoor dining area will typically be positioned near the kitchen in the home. A patio for lounging may be placed a distance from the house for relaxation, dinner drinks and conversation.

Manufactured or natural products may be used in our patio designs. We often design with natural materials such as brick, gravel, or flagstone or with concrete permeable pavers.

Aside from choosing options in patio materials you also have options as to how the brick, stone or paver is laid out. The type and shape of the material used, be it stone pavers, brick or flagstone, determine the paving pattern. Three of the most popular patterns used when constructing a patio are:

Herringbone: Looks like a “V” formation with interlocking edges.

Basket Weave: Looks like a checkerboard.

Random: Random patterns of natural stone or flagstone.

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French Drains in Salem County

Do you have water drainage problems on your property? A French drain may be an effective and straightforward solution to rid your property of access water. Knowing what a French drain is and how it works can help you decide if this solution is right for you.

Simply put, a French drain a pipe that is placed in the ground to collect water. French drains are often used in yards in Salem County that have drainage problems. French drains are used to move water to low lying areas where the water will not do any damage.

A French drain commonly consists of a wide pipe, with holes that are buried in the ground and angled downward to keep water flowing through the pipe. Gravel is placed on top of the pipe to enable water to flow through the gravel and into the pipe.

If your property has chronic water drainage problems, you may benefit from a French drain. Here are some signs that you may need a French drain:

  • You see standing water and soggy soil
  • The basement has access to water
  • Your yard has a retaining wall on the side of a hill

What are the advantages of a French drain? Advantages of having a French drain include:

  • French drains have no moving parts, which makes them less likely to break
  • A French drain can last a very long time if installed correctly
  • Shallow French drains can be installed as a DIY project

What are the disadvantages of having a French drain? Disadvantages of having a French drain include:

  • French drains can be difficult to repair and adjust because they are buried in the ground
  • French drains, when installed deep in the ground, can be expensive

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