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Yard Drainage Solutions for Homeowners in Southern New Jersey

Does your yard turn into a swamp every time it rains? If you answered yes, then it’s time you gave Impact Landscapes, LLC a call. Our team of yard drainage contractors is ready to help you solve your water drainage issues. From sump pumps to french drain installations, we’ll find the right solution for you so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor living space.

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Common Drainage Issues and Solutions

  • As a residential landscaping contractor, Impact Landscapes, LLC has seen many different drainage problems affect homes. Some properties suffer from one issue like standing surface water, while others can experience multiple issues at once. Either way, our team has the knowledge skills to correct these issues.When it rains, water doesn’t immediately sink into the soil, so it’s vital that your yard is graded properly so that excess water has an outlet. A poorly graded yard is not the only cause of flooding, dense soil and high water tables can also be factors. Our team of yard drainage contractors in NJ will assess your yard’s soil and topography to determine where the issues are occurring, and then we will design a plan to correct them.
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Here are some drainage issues we commonly deal with:

Surface Water

Homes that sit on clay soil commonly suffer from lingering surface water, which is usually caused by improper grading. When homes are designed, designers are supposed to grade your property so that water flows away from your home into a storm drain or another water outlet. Many homeowners are finding out that their homes were not graded properly causing water to be trapped and creating a muddy mess in their yards.

Solution: A french drain installation is one option for solving the issue at hand. This drain redirects surface and ground water away from your home, preventing them from damaging your foundation.

High Water Table Drainage Solutions

Impact Landscapes has high water table drainage solutions for all types of drainage problems. If your property sits in a low lying area with a high water table, then you’re probably already aware of the challenge this combination presents. Poor elevation is one of the most common drainage issues, and it is also not an easy fix, but it is a necessary one. Failing to correct elevation issues could result in water pooling around the foundation of your property, which if damaged, can be very expensive to repair.

Solution: Raising the ground around your property helps to create an outlet for water to travel away from the property. If raising the ground around your property may seem like a big task, you always accept some help from Mother Nature. Investing in plants that absorb water well can help alleviate your drainage issues.

Hardpan Layers

Lawns with layers of hardpan (dense soil) can experience a disruption in the flow of water, which causes standing water. When it rains, hardpan does not allow water to drain correctly because it has a hard time passing through the compacted layers of soil.

Solution: Installing an underground drainage system is ideal for solving the drainage issues caused by hardpan. Subsurface drainage systems require the creation of an underground network of pipes to move water away from your property into the storm drain.

How We Can Help

If you are experiencing drainage problems like the one we mentioned then, you are in need of a professional landscaping company. At Impact Landscapes, LLC, we offer top-notch water drainage solutions that help to protect your property’s foundation and save your lawn from becoming a swamp.

Have a commercial property that is suffering from poor yard drainage?

We can help you out. As a licensed commercial landscaping contractor, we provide yard drainage solutions to commercial clients as well as residential clients. Once we correct your water drainage problem, you can connect with one of our commercial hardscaping contractors to give the outdoor area of your commercial property a new look.

What You Can Expect From Impact Landscapes, LLC

  • Timely and High-Quality Service
  • Licensed & Insured Technicians
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  • Value-Based Pricing

What’s Next?

After installing a proper drainage system for your property, you may want to give your outdoor space a facelift. We’ll help you transform your outdoor living space with our hardscaping services. Our residential hardscaping contractor will work with you to create the perfect outdoor entertainment space. Ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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