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Irrigation Solutions in South Jersey

When it comes to irrigation solutions in Atlantic CountyBucks CountyBurlington CountyCamden CountyDelawareGloucester CountyMontgomery CountySalem CountySewell County or South Jersey, one name that stands out from the competition is Impact Landscapes, LLC. As one of the area’s leading residential and commercial landscapers, we here at Impact Landscapes, LLC are proud to offer our irrigation solutions to home and businesses alike.

Drought is the result of warmer climates or small rainfall in higher temperate areas, and it is irrigation that will act as an affordable means of ensuring the diversity and sustainability of your landscape if one were to happen. For years, we have helped protect lawns and gardens of all sizes from the damage that can result from drought. The areas that we serve include Atlantic CountyBucks CountyBurlington CountyCamden CountyDelawareGloucester CountyMontgomery CountySalem CountySewell County or South Jersey, areas of South Jersey.

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A Ton Of Benefits

The right landscaping company can help keep your lawn protected through irrigation solutions. As the top residential landscape contractors, some of the benefits of our services include:

Preventing Weeds and Disease

Our irrigation services will direct water to the root ball of each plant instead of sprinkling the whole garden like a typical rainstorm. When this happens, the surrounding weed seeds will fail to germinate, which means you will have minimum weeding to do.

The water in the roots will help in keeping away leaf diseases resulting from the foliage’s standing droplets. As the water fails in striking the flowers or leaves, the blight disease will have no way of proliferating.

Saving Water and Time

Watering or hand watering using a hose will take a lot of time. But both a sprinkler and drip irrigation system come with timers that can be set for weekly or daily watering. This means you are no longer required to monitor the watering as the timer will shut off the water when it is finished. This will also help lower your monthly water bills.

Upholding Nutrients and Soil Structure

Hand watering will allow excess water to seep into the soil which the nutrients will leach out following the water runoff thereby leaving the plants and flowers with fewer nutrients. Additionally, the soil is likely to get compacted. On top of that, the plants will show signs of withering or even root disease. Opting to use a sprinkler or drip irrigation will offer smaller droplets that will reduce soil compaction and preserve nutrients better.

Why Impact Landscapes, LLC?

Anyone located in the Burlington County, Gloucester County, or Atlantic County areas of South Jersey knows how many landscaping companies are in the area. Because of this, we are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the competition. From same-day service to the best rates in the area, there are many reasons to choose Impact Landscapes, LLC.


Located in South Jersey, we service home and businesses from Camden County to Atlantic County and everything in between. Our award-winning services have made us the top residential landscape contractor for businesses in Gloucester County and the surrounding area. We proudly service the following locations:


Another reason customers choose us over the competition is our wide range of services. While some companies focus on only landscaping or hardscaping, we are proud to offer both services. We don’t just stop at offering our services to residents, we are also the top commercial landscape contractors. We even offer commercial maintenance services to keep lawns and properties looking beautiful year-round.

Don’t let the next drought harm your lawn or garden! Those in need of reliable irrigation solutions are encouraged to reach out to us today. Give us a call at 856-956-3175!