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Lawn Service in Burlington County, South Jersey and surrounding areas

Has your garden lost its charm, because you couldn’t spend much time on maintaining it?

If yes, then it’s high time. You need to hire a lawn service that can help you maintain your lawn or garden area to keep your home’s appeal intact, as well as to increase the overall value of it. If you are living in areas like Burlington County, Camden County, Sewell or South Jersey then, finding a garden maintenance service provider will not be difficult, as there are many of them scattered all across these areas. However, not all of them have a proper team or ample experience in landscaping or lawn maintenance. So, you need to scrutinize really well before choosing a company. However, if you don’t have much time to find and scrutinizes companies then, the ideal or go-to company for you would be Impact Landscapes LLC. Our years of experience and an excellent team of skilled professionals make us stand out among other landscaping companies. So, you can undoubtedly choose us.


3 Lawn Maintenance Services That Impact Landscapes LLC Can Provide


Want to know about the kinds of lawn services our company, Impact Land cape LLC can provide to you? If yes, then please go through this blog.


  • Trimming and Pruning– One of the major tasks of maintaining a garden is trimming or pruning the overgrown grasses, shrubs and plants. And, we proudly boast that our company excels at this job. There are many who think that this task is easy, but in reality, it’s not that easy. You need to be really patient to do this task. Our team will carry all the essential tools for this task and patiently trim or prune down your garden’s overgrown grasses, shrubs, weeds and etc.
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding– Is your garden looking like a mini-jungle because of too many unkempt trees cluttered around? Then the only thing you can do is cut them down. However, don’t perform this task yourself as it’s tough and you might also hurt yourself; instead hire us. We can easily help you cut them off and make your garden look neat. We can also help you remove the stumps of the trees that remain stagnant, even after tree removal.
  • Preventive Lawn Maintenance– Last but not the least, we can also offer you preventive lawn maintenance service for crabgrass, insects and weeds so that, your garden doesn’t suffer from any major issue that might ruin their appeal.


These were all the lawn maintenance services that our company provides to the residents of Burlington County, Camden County, Sewell and South Jersey. Want to know more about us? Then simply visit our website. And to hire our service, give us a call at 856-956-3175.


Burlington County, South Jersey Lawn Service from Impact Landscapes gives your lawn new life. Contact us for lawn service today.

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