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South Jersey, Sewell, Salem County NJ landscape designer

A landscape designer can make a substantial difference to your outdoor areas

If you want a lovely garden and make the most of your outdoor spaces, then a landscape designer can help. Impact Landscape provides a range of landscape services in Camden County, Gloucester County, Salem County, Sewell and South Jersey. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, a landscape designer can make a substantial difference to your outdoor living and environment.

A good landscape designer has a passion for working with plants, shrubs, lawns and has a talent and flair when it comes to creating stunning outdoor spaces that invite, attract and inspire. In many instances a landscape designer has to work closely with other professionals such as engineers, architect, builders and ground crews. It follows that knowledge of botany, architecture and building are important for a professional landscaper.

Some landscape designers will have some degree or certification in botanical related disciplines such soil science and horticulture. A good landscaper will also have training and experience in disciplines such as computer aided design, construction, drafting and architecture. In addition, a landscape designer must have an artistic flair and creative mind. In particular, landscaper must have a good knowledge of plant choices, soil types, insects, plant diseases and climate conditions in the geographical areas in which they work.

Although a landscape designer is not required to have a formal education, diploma or degree, there are professional bodies such as the Association of Professional Landscape Designers that can provide accreditation and certification to members who meet the required standards and conditions.

A landscape designer has the training, knowledge, experience and resources to design, install and maintain landscapers and outdoor area, whether commercial or residential. Most landscape designers will provide you with a free estimate for your outdoor design, installation and garden services.

Most landscape contractors will provide a comprehensive range of services, including landscape design, installation, construction, lawn maintenance, preventative maintenance, irrigation, trimming, pruning, de-weeding and yard rejuvenation.




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