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Landscape designer in Burlington County, South Jersey, NJ

Landscape designer can help you create attractive and inviting outdoor spaces

If you want attractive and functional outdoor areas, then a landscape designer can help you with that. Apart from initial design and installation, a landscape company can also help you with maintenance, prevention and related gardening services. Impact Landscape in an accredited landscape designer operating in Burlington County and South Jersey. They offer a comprehensive range of landscaping and gardening services, including planning, design, installation and maintenance.

A landscape designer is sometimes also referred to as a landscape architect. In much the same way as an architect plans and designs your home, a landscape designer plans and designs outdoor spaces. A landscape designer will discuss your requirements, draw plans, selects plants and build install structures such as walkways and water features. A landscape designer has the training, knowledge and experience that enable them to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful, inviting and functional.

A landscape designer such as Impact Landscape can work on both residential and commercial projects. It does not matter whether you need a new commercial landscape design in Burlington County or full yard rejuvenation in South Jersey, the team from Impact can help. Another important aspect when dealing with a landscape contractor is that of service. There is something appealing about dealing with a family owned business. You just expect better service and attention to detail.

When looking for landscape designer you want to deal with a fully licensed, accredited and bonded contractor. In order to obtain the required state and county licenses a landscape designer has to pass a registration exam. Some landscape designers also hold relevant bachelor or master degrees. Though education and theoretical knowledge is important, there is no substitute for experience.

Apart from landscape design and landscape company will also provide general maintenance services such as trimming, pruning, weeding, lawn aeration, irrigation, top soil as we as preventative services.

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