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Design Your Backyard Summer Oasis

Relax in a Backyard Oasis

Don’t spend this summer bundled up against the air conditioning. With the right landscape and hardscape design from Impact Landscapes LLC, you and your guests can relax in a private, backyard oasis. Here are different ways that you can create a stunning backyard with help from our team.

Welcome Guests with a Paved Walkway

A simple path made with stylish pavers will invite guests to explore your property. Frame your new hardscape walkway with blooming flowers and vibrant shrubbery to gently guide them to your garden or outdoor entertaining space.

Unwind in a Cozy Lounge Area

A lounge offers a place for solo relaxation or intimate gatherings. Comfortable chairs, plush pillows and a water-resistant rug will combine to craft a luxurious space. Don’t forget a table for drinks and snacks!

Get Ready for BBQs

Bring the neighborhood together with a backyard barbecue on your patio. All you need is the right grill and a long picnic table where everyone can sit together. You may also want to set up a patio umbrella to protect you from the blazing sun and sudden summer storms.

Add Vibrant Colors

Make your space into a true tropical paradise with plenty of bright colors. Bring vibrancy to your property with lush plants, dark mulch and brilliant flowers. Planters and other accent pieces can also add a pop of color to your backyard.

Plant a Vertical Garden

No matter how small your property, you have room for a garden. Just look up! Vertical gardens will add natural beauty to blank walls, bare fences or empty balconies.

Design with Trees in Mind

A tree can be a dramatic focal point for your lawn, an elegant privacy screen and a giver of cool shade. Sometimes, however, trees can be intrusive and even dangerous. Careful removal, pruning and planting can artfully incorporate trees into your outdoor space.

Light It All Up!

With the right lighting choices, your backyard will look like the setting of a fairytale. Lanterns, string lights and floating swimming pool lights are all charming additions to your summertime paradise.

Turn Your Design Dreams into a Reality

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis? Our team at Impact Landscapes, LLC. offers the landscaping and hardscaping expertise that you need.  Contact us today to get a free estimate on your next project!

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