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The Ultimate Summer Lawn Care Guide

Tips to Keep Your Lawn in Good Shape

Anyone who took the initiative to keep their spring lawn healthy and green is most likely doing their best to keep their lawn healthy as it battles the summer elements. A neglected lawn can quickly become an eyesore to your home. Those looking for tips to keep their lawn looking great have come to the right place. As the premier landscaping company in the South Jersey area, we here at Impact Landscapes LLC are here to help keep your lawn and property looking great all year long.

Here are a few tips we give all property owners who are looking to get the most of their lawn this summer:

Watering Is A Science…Learn It

There are many different patterns to learn when it comes to watering your lawn during the summer heat. We advise all of our clients to water in the early part of the days to avoid fungus from growing overnight when temperatures dip.

It is also important to start watering the lawn more but doing so less frequently. This is especially true as the temperatures really start to heat up. Giving your lawn a heavy watering but doing so less often will help your roots to become more drought-tolerant.

Anyone stuck with a brown, dead-looking lawn isn’t going to be able to revive it with a ton of water. A dead lawn will remain like that until the fall weather arrives.

Mow The Right Way

While you aren’t putting your lawn in any danger by not changing the way you cut it in the spring, you may want to alter the way you cut your lawn now that summer is here. We recommend raising the blades on your lawn mower to improve the appearance of your lawn, while also helping improve its drought-tolerance.

High-Traffic Areas

No matter how much you try, it’s tough to avoid popular pathways across your lawn whether it’s a quick walk to the front door from the driveway or the front yard to the backyard. There are many ways to create a beautiful pathway that will keep your lawn looking great while still being able to move about your property with ease. We here at Impact Landscapes LLC don’t just stop at landscaping; we also offer hardscaping services to help add to the curb appeal of your home.

For more information on our hardscaping and landscaping services or to get started with your next project, give us a call today at 856-202-3207.

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