Impact Landscapes Blog Blog 3 Ways To Prepare Your Lawn For Colder Weather

3 Ways To Prepare Your Lawn For Colder Weather

Prepare Your Lawn for Colder Weather

This time each year, homeowners all across the Philadelphia area will soon be preparing their gardens and lawn for the colder weather right around the corner. At Impact Landscapes, LLC, we have been the go-to destination for homeowners who are looking to prepare their lawn in time for fall.

Here are just some of the tips we give our customers to help prepare their lawn and garden in preparation for the cold weather:

Mow Your Lawn At The Ideal Time

It’s important to mow your lawn at the right time. Mowing your lawn too early into fall and stopping after that can lead to high grass for the majority of winter. An ideal time we tell customers to cut their lawn for the last time during the year is six to eight weeks into fall. After the final cut, apply the proper fertilizer to your lawn to create a better-looking yard next spring.

Replace Summer Flowers With Winter Flowers

As anyone with gardening experience knows, there are flowers and plants that grow better in different climates. Those who are looking to keep their garden going during the winter will soon need to prepare to replace their summer flowers and plants with ones that can survive in colder climates.

Build a Birdhouse

Having a birdhouse in your backyard will help make sure your lawn is crowded with insects and worms that can damage your lawn. While some insects can help your lawn grow, others can end up being harmful to it. If you don’t have a birdhouse in your backyard, we recommend building one as a family. It’s a great excuse to soak up some of the remaining warm weather and to spend time together.

Those looking to get started prepping their lawn for fall can reach out to us today. We here at Impact Landscapes, LLC can help take care of your lawn for you or give you the products you need to keep your lawn looking great year round. Give us a call today at 856-202-3005 to get started.

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