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Is Your Landscape Ready for Fall?

Happy fall!

You might be ready for chilly weather and falling leaves this year, but is your landscape? Here at Impact Landscapes, LLC, we want to make sure that your property looks its best this fall. That’s why we’re offering:

Water Drainage Solutions

It’s a fair bet that your property will face snow this upcoming winter. That snow will pile up on your lawn, and then it will melt. If you are already experiencing water issues, you simply can’t afford to wait for the spring.

Our water drainage solutions in Gloucester County, and across the region, will prevent winter water damage to your home. Our French drain installation near Camden County is a particularly common and cost-effective solution!

Fall Shrub Trimming

While more extensive pruning is usually best left for the late winter, we always recommend trimming your plants in the fall. Our team will lightly shape your shrubs, and we will remove any dead or diseased branches that could be lost in a hurricane or ice storm.

Fall Planting

Did you know that there are often more good planting days in the fall than in the spring? Cool air, warm soil, and fewer pests combine to gently nurture your plants as they grow. Autumn is the ideal time if you would like us to plant:

  • Spring-blooming bulbs
  • Perennials
  • Cool-season vegetables
  • Trees and shrubs

Lawn Renovation

Of course, the most important thing to plant this fall is your grass! In the spring, grass seed competes with a lawn full of dormant weeds. Summer heat, drought, and disease will also make your green grass disappear. If you contact our team this fall, though, we will help you achieve the lush lawn of your dreams.

Fall Decor Installation

Once your landscape is healthy and ready for next spring, we’ll give it a few seasonal finishing touches. Mums, cabbage, hay, corn, and more lovely decor will combine to make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

Embrace Fall with Impact Landscapes, LLC

Chunky scarves, crackling fireplaces, sweet treats…The fall is all about self-care, so don’t leave your plants out in the cold! Our team is excited to keep your lawn looking beautiful for all four seasons, so give us a call today at 856-202-3181.

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