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The benefits of aeration are almost endless! From strengthening roots and reducing soil compaction to increasing fertilizer uptake and improving resiliency–aeration is a crucial practice to beautify your lawn. The process of aeration involves the removal of soil cores (or plugs) to better allow for nutrients, air and water to reach the turf’s roots. Keep reading to learn more about aeration!


Why is Aeration Important?

Soil compaction occurs when the top inches of soil are tightly condensed, which makes it difficult for nutrients, air and water to reach the root system. This can also contribute to the build-up of thatch (organic matter accumulation between the grass and soil layer) and can result in poor drainage. Soil compaction stresses your lawn, and eventually can lead to a weakened root system and a vulnerability to disease and pests.

Aeration reduces soil compaction by using a specific machine that creates holes in your turf and removes plugs of soil. This produces channels for nutrients, water and air to directly reach the soil.

The Benefits of Aeration

The process of aeration is essential in order to create a strong and healthy lawn. Here are some of the many benefits of aeration:

  • Reduces soil compaction: As mentioned above, aeration increases pore spaces in the soil which decreases soil density and therefore improves root systems.
  • Improves drainage: Aeration allows water to more easily reach the soil, and therefore greatly improves irrigation. The result is less puddling and water runoff.
  • Assists in thatch management: The layer of organic matter that builds up under the grass but above the soil can make it difficult for nutrients to reach the roots. Aeration can improve drainage and increase thatch-decomposing microorganisms to reduce the accumulation of thatch.
  • Creates a thicker lawn: Aerating in the fall helps stimulate root growth and development. Combining the process of aeration and overseeding increases germination and strengthens your lawn.
  • Assists pH modification: Applying elements like Sulfur or lime promotes pH change deeper in the soil.

Aeration Services from Impact Landscapes, LLC

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